Sacred Space Healing Seminar Level 1

Forever Change Your Landscape of Healing

Whether you are a Layperson, Manual Therapist, Raindrop, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chiropractor, or other therapist, Sacred Space seamlessly integrates into your current repertoire of healing tools—even if you are new to energy medicine concepts.

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Sacred Space Healing System is a unique healing modality. It is its own fully functioning system but can enhance any other healing system in existence. Even if you are new to energy medicine, this seminar is packed with revolutionary advanced techniques and lots of practice that will forever change your landscape of healing.

Therapy in Motion

2475 Boardwalk St

Norman OK 73069  

Phone: 405-285-0900

Saturdays in October 2018

Day 1: Oct 6

Day 2: Oct 13

Day 3: Oct 20

9:00am to 6:00pm

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Monitor $200  

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Supercharge your sessions! Clear more. Clear deeper. Clear faster. 

Explore New & Enhanced Concepts

Sacred Geometry, Chakras, Balancing and Clearing Techniques

Learn to work with Chakras in ways you never thought possible.

Take your sessions to the next level by adding clearing techniques that enhance every modality.

 Work with new Sacred Geometry designs that represent variations of a specific formula for balancing that goes well beyond your current understanding of energy medicine.

Forever Change Your Understanding 

Master New Ways of Working With:

64Tetrahedron - The geometry & matrix of space which includes everything the client influences and everything that influences the client.

Dimensions of Manifestation

Healing the Hologram


Memories & Trauma

Vivaxis - Relationships to the environment 



Deliverance Techniques (including enhancing BodyTalk Matrix techniques)

New Sections & Charts for BodyTalkers

Integrate Sacred Space Into Your BodyTalk Sessions

Please note: this segment is only included in Sacred Space for BodyTalkers

Use Sacred Space techniques within the BodyTalk System 

Incorporate techniques into any session as 

a technique

an item

a detail

a parameter

an implementation tool

This revolutionizes an already phenomenal system!